BIOGRAPHY Hello, I’m Brandina lubuli a 21 year old model, science laboratory technologist  and a student currently pursuing Business Administration. My hobbies are reading, singing, modelling, presenting, charity works and socialising. I am a very creative lady determined and never daunted by challenges, selfless and composed. I was born on the 9th of February 1996 raised by a single parent as i lost my dad in first grade never the less i am always a fighter, extremely inspirational as i always strive hard to where i want to be as i use my achievements to better the lives of people in communities and the country at large as i am a role model serving as an ambassador of various organisations in my country . Foreign affairs, tourism and arts, Shoprite, Zambezi jewels to mention but a few. Given an opportunity to be crowned miss globe international will be a privilege,  as i would use my crown to the benefits of the people which will i tend be a plus for all charity works i carry out aswel as developmental projects. ———————————————— Brandina Lubuli      Ninebo Brandina lubuli njili nemiaka 21 years old. Ninebo science laboratory technologist elo ndaya na kusukulu inchita Business Administration. Nalitemwa , ukubelenga ,ukumoda ,ukwimba ,ukusosha abantu , ukuchita present na ukwafwilisha abantu. Naliba creative,  ukuti elo nangu ifintu fishupe shichita give up . umuntu uwaba focused na determined. Nafyalike pa 9th February 1996 abankusishe  ni ba mayo,  ba tata batushile ninshi ingili mu grade one  .nangu chibe ifi ndatulukusha , naliba uwa chikoselesho kubantu pantu ndabofya talent na ma achievements ukwafwilisha abantu mu ma communities pantu bengi aba ndolekeshapo kaili nda bombele ama organisations aya pusana pusana pakuti  abantu  indebafwilisha. Monga foreign affairs, tourism na arts , shoprite ,zambezi jewels ayapusana pusana. Nganawina miss globe international kuti chawama ninshi nabantu abakwafwilisha fyanjangukilako kufya ma projects na community work unwafwilisho ninshi fwayaba added advantage.

The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains.


Height: 5’6 Bust: 32E Waist: 25″ Hips: 37″ Dress: 8 Shoe: 6 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel


2012 Best Model 2012 Benelux Model Awards 2015 Asia Model Award